Vanity Numbers are Marketing Tools

Vanity Numbers are Marketing Tools, Not Just Phone Numbers

Promoting your company’s contact information is a necessary step for attracting clients or customers. Through marketing and advertising, you need to make the public aware of what you are offering as well as provide ways for them to get in contact with you. This is why most businesses nowadays will promote their phone number, email, and web address in their traditional and digital advertising.

Because businesses are actively promoting contact information in their marketing and communications, it is easy to assume that a vanity phone number is unnecessary. Instead of treating a vanity phone number as just another piece of contact information, look at it as a marketing tool instead. Vanity phone numbers are easier to remember and maintain and can help increase customer responses to your campaigns. Investing in a vanity phone number is making an additional investment in your advertising and marketing programs.

Here are a few ways vanity numbers operate as marketing tools, not just as phone numbers:

Enhance Existing Campaigns

Implementing a vanity telephone number can enhance your already existing advertising campaigns. You don’t have to look at a vanity number as a separate marketing tactic, but rather as one that can be easily integrated into your current marketing efforts.

If you are using traditional media for advertising, a vanity number can be added to your print campaigns in newspapers or magazines, broadcast spots with radio or television commercials, or used on outdoor advertisements. Additionally, a vanity number is great for digital marketing as contact information on web banner ads or as text in Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Improve Brand Recognition

Two major goals of advertising are to improve brand recognition and increase brand retention. What exactly does this mean? An advertisement works to improve brand recognition by exposing the brand to as many people as possible. The more people who see (or hear) the advertisement, the more exposure the company and/or brand receives. However, brand recognition can only go so far. Sure you can say you’re familiar with a brand, but that doesn’t mean you have purchased said brand’s product or service.

Your advertising doesn’t just need to make your company’s brand recognizable, it has to help potential customers remember the information from the advertisement. This is where vanity phone numbers come into play. It is one thing for a potential customer to hear a radio advertisement for your company, but it is another if the person remembers the contact information after the 30 second spot is over. Implementing an easy to remember vanity number such as 1-800-Cleaners or 1-800-Grocery will increase the chances the public will remember not only your advertisement but the call to action as the contact information is simple to understand and remember.

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