Call Tracking can Measure Ad Response

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Call Tracking to Measure Ad Response

Imagine spending thousands with no way of measuring the results. Knowing how many leads a campaign generates empowers you to make informed decisions on future ad campaigns and media buys.

Real-time tracking and recording features provide you with the knowledge you need to make strategic decisions when it comes to advertising campaigns; whether it be decisions on creative elements, the offer, the call to action, or the media outlets you trust with your messages.

With a call tracking service you can home in on the fine details of who is calling your business, what their average household income is, their average home value, as well as when they are most likely to call.

How? With detailed tracking reports that capture data on each incoming call. Call tracking reports like:

  • Addresses & Demographics builds a lead database.
  • Zip Code Summary shows the hot spots where calls are coming from.
  • Repeat Callers Detail reveals who is calling more than once.
  • Missed Calls monitors how many leads are not getting through due to busy signals, hang up, or calls that ring with no answer.
  • Hourly and Daily Call Summaries show when business lines are most active so you can determine the necessary staffing levels and monitor response to campaigns.
  • Top Cities and Top Area Codes reports drill down on where callers are located.

With all of this data at your fingertips, you are able to more accurately plan out marketing and advertising campaigns, and get more return for your advertising investment.

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