How to Gauge Your Advertising Success with Call Tracking

Effectively Gauge the Success of Your Advertising with Call Tracking

If you are a business owner, office manager, or call-center supervisor, one of the most effective ways to gauge how well some of your marketing campaigns are working is through the use of top-notch call tracking software. If it’s something you haven’t fully investigated yet, just think of call tracking as the telephony equivalent of conversion tracking that you use for your company website.

Call tracking doesn’t record your actual conversations with customers, though a good call monitoring system can and maybe should be used in conjunction with call tracking to accomplish that. Instead, call tracking records more statistical-based information regarding your inbound customer contacts, such as:

  • The telephone numbers of callers.
  • The geographical location of your callers.
  • The time distribution of incoming calls.
  • Perhaps most importantly, call tracking can be used to generate numerous reports that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of specific advertising campaigns.

Various reports may include:

  • Caller names and addresses
  • Missed calls
  • Call summaries (e.g., hourly, daily)
  • Details of repeat and unique callers
  • Analysis of frequency of calls by city and area code
  • Much, much more

The use of these reports will serve your business with the following benefits:

  • The ability to track different campaign and media outlet performance.
  • The ability to measure the average cost-per-lead of your advertising campaigns.
  • Capture caller data
  • Improve the Return on Investment (ROI) of your advertising budgets.

Effective call tracking software is made easily available on any type of phone service, whether you have Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or carrier pigeon…okay, maybe not the carrier pigeon, but literally any type of actual phone service in existence today. If you’re not using some form of call tracking to measure the success of your company’s advertising, then you may not have the key information you need to maximize the ROI of your marketing dollars, and could effectively be wasting resources.

800response can give your business vital access to a suite of tools to measure campaigns and monitor customer conversations for business intelligence, including call tracking, call recording, and much, much more. Contact us today! We would love the opportunity to speak with you.



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