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The Impact of Print Advertising

Businesses today are investing more money than ever in both online and email advertising campaigns.  While this may seem like a sensible idea, it is actually detrimental to their marketing efforts. Because the fact is that most people either ignore or completely delete advertisements they see while web surfing or receive in their inboxes.  How can advertising work if people won’t even look at it?  It can’t.

If businesses really want people to see their ads, they should utilize print advertising in their strategy.  It may seem basic (even too basic, compared to the technology available today), but studies show print advertising is far more effective than email or online advertising.  What makes it so? A few reasons:

Print Advertising Makes Targeted Marketing Easier

Unlike the comparatively haphazard nature of online advertising, print advertising via vehicles such as magazines allow for more targeted placement.  With the vast variety of magazines today, there is one for virtually every kind of niche and hobby.  This makes it easier for businesses to ensure their advertising is reaching the right people – people who will be more likely to pay attention to these ads, since they know they will be relevant to their interests.  And businesses can take their targeted marketing even further by using an unforgettable vanity number with call tracking capabilities in their ads, which will allow them to achieve an even greater knowledge of who is reaching out to them.

Print Advertising Draws People in on a Local Level

Of course, not every business has the budget to buy ad space in a more prominent magazine.  Fortunately, print advertising also offers the benefit of local appeal, especially for smaller businesses.  Since vehicles such as newspapers and regional magazines tend to be read by people in specific geographic locations, it follows that any ads featured in them would most likely be for nearby businesses.  People recently have become more and more inclined to patronize businesses in their areas, as it helps them feel more connected with their communities.  Businesses who utilize local print advertising can take advantage of the “Buy Local” mentality, and draw in more customers.

Print Advertising Can Help Establish a Personal Connection

Even something as seemingly simple as flyers and brochures can see amazing results, especially when they are received in people’s direct mail.  Research shows people are four times more likely to look at an ad they get in their direct mail than their email inbox and 79% report acting on a direct mail advertisement immediately after they’ve read it [2].  This is due to the fact that the oversaturation of digital marketing has led to people desiring advertising that makes them feel more connected, and not just in the virtual sense.  70% feel direct mail ads are more personal than online ads, and are therefore more likely to pique their interests.

Print Advertising is More Memorable Than Online Advertising

Print advertising also tends to stay with people far longer.  One reason for this is that due to its tactile nature, people can go back and look at a printed advertisement as many times as they need.  But with online advertising, once someone leaves the web it’s on or deletes it from their email, it’s far less likely they’ll be able to go back to it, making any interest they might have had futile.  Also, print advertising allows the attention to be on the ad itself, whereas online advertising is competing with other features on the webpage.  As a result, people often have a much better recall rate of print advertising; a rate which is heightened by a strong call to action like a vanity phone number.

It’s clear that print advertising is acknowledged and effective at a far greater level than online or email advertising.  No wonder it has a 13 to 1 ROI.  Reach more people with print advertising today!