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Are 800 Numbers Spam?

It’s unfortunate that many consumers wonder whether 800 numbers are spam when they appear in their caller ID feeds. A lot of consumers view an 800 number as spam because they’re often affiliated with scams.

From criminals positioning themselves as IRS agents to thieves informing unsuspecting homeowners they’ve won money in a foreign lottery that doesn’t exist to nefarious people giving shoppers the chance to earn a high rate of return on an unheard-of investment, innocent people fall prey to phone scams every day. Over the course of a typical year, thousands of individuals lose money to scammers who use 800 telephone numbers. The losses consumers incur can range from a few dollars to all their savings…. Read more » 

How to Combine Traditional and Internet Marketing Strategies

Before you spend time thinking about how to combine traditional and online marketing strategies, you need to understand the differences that exist between them. When you recognize how conventional and digital marketing techniques differ from one another, it’ll be easier for you to integrate traditional and online marketing tactics seamlessly.

Traditional marketing is often referred to as outbound or offline marketing. It typically involves advertisements such as radio or television commercials, billboards, print ads and direct mail. Traditional marketing is considered passive while internet marketing is often designed to do more than just inform consumers about products and services…. Read more » 

Do Vanity Numbers Really Work?

In essence, a vanity phone number is an alphanumeric telephone number that you can use as a marketing tool to relay information about your business. A vanity number such as 1-800-FLOWERS defines what a business does while making the company’s phone number indelible in the minds of consumers.

The biggest benefit of having a vanity phone number is that it’s easy for shoppers to remember. A recent study showed that vanity 800 numbers have a 75.4 percent higher recall rate compared to numeric toll-free numbers. Because vanity numbers normally require consumers to remember one or two words that communicate something about your business instead of a string of unrelated numbers, shoppers can make a connection between your phone number and business. This makes it easier for them to remember your vanity phone number and how using it can benefit them…. Read more » 

Why TV Advertising Is Important For Your Business

Ad buyers are expected to spend up to $9 billion on TV advertising in 2017.  Surprised?  You might be if you’ve been hearing the common refrain of “TV advertising is dead”.  But the truth is that TV advertising is proven to have the highest ROI in terms of both sales and awareness.  In fact, a study from Neustar looked into a wide variety of industries over seven years and discovered that for every $1 million invested, TV advertising has a lift that is 7 times better than paid search and 5 times better than online display advertising…. Read more » 

Does Digital Advertising Work?

It is easy to go online and find a great number of articles with statistics on the growth of online advertising and the (alleged) decline of traditional advertising.  Concerning, right?  But look closer and you will see virtually all of these statistics are about how more companies are sinking their money into online-only advertising strategies, with little to no information on whether or not this method actually works.  And there’s a simple reason for that:  It doesn’t.

Yet what you WILL find are numbers on how many people are installing ad-blockers to keep from seeing online advertisements.  Spoiler Alert – It’s a lot.  And no wonder, with studies showing that 75% of people greatly dislike pop-up ads and other such online advertisements, finding them obstructive and intrusive.  People are doing whatever they can to avoid these marketing techniques, rendering the investments so many companies are putting into them pointless…. Read more » 

Why Businesses Still Need Traditional Advertising

The word “traditional” can mean different things to different people.  For some, it can bring to mind something customary with a strong history.  But for others, it can evoke feelings of being stuck in the past and an unwillingness to change with the times. The latter reason is why many businesses are wary of still using traditional advertising, fearing that they will be passé and ineffective if they don’t switch over entirely to digital.

But evidence shows traditional advertising still holds a great deal of value, even amidst all of the digital advertising strategies that we continue to see.  Here are three reasons to make sure traditional advertising remains a part of your strategy…. Read more » 

Top Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

If you own or manage a business, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for lead generation marketing tips. Trying to figure out how to generate more leads and how to maximize lead generation aren’t easy tasks, after all, especially in today’s changing, increasingly global marketplace. To make matters even more challenging, finding credible B2B lead generation marketing tips can be frustrating because reliable marketing authorities often cite different mediums as the most effective sources for qualified sales leads…. Read more » 

You Probably Don’t Even Know Your Spouse’s Number

Quick: Recite your spouse’s phone number without looking at your cell phone. Can you do it? What about the numbers for your child, parents or best friend? Could you call in sick to the office if you didn’t have your smartphone in hand?

If you come up blank, don’t worry. You’re not the only one wondering, “Why can’t I remember a phone number?” A study by Kaspersky Lab shows that 71 percent of participants couldn’t recall phone numbers for their children, and 49 percent couldn’t remember the number for their partners without looking on their cell phones. The phenomenon affects many people, and it is associated with the very device we use to make phone calls. We’re not losing brain cells, but we are losing the ability to remember phone numbers, thanks to the increased reliance on technology…. Read more » 

3 Benefits of Call Recording To Track Customer Experience

Call recording has become practically a staple in contact centers all over the country.  It’s virtually impossible nowadays to call a business and NOT hear the words, “This call may be recorded for quality purposes”.  If you have and are using call recording in your contact center, that’s great!  But are you taking advantage of all the means by which it can help you and your company?

Here are just a few ways in which call recording can give your company a real boost:

Being able to provide customers with what they ask for is terrific.  But wouldn’t it be great if you could give customers what they want without them having to ask for it?  The conversations that occur between agents and customers contain a wealth of information, and much of it may not be immediately obvious. This isn’t to say your agents need to develop mind reading powers; they don’t have to, as long as you use call recording.   Call recording can help you listen to calls and detect any common customer questions or complaints that occur.  And if you simply do not have the time to listen to multitudes of calls, adding a call mining tool such as speech analytics can be a tremendous advantage.  Speech analytics can quickly comb through thousands of calls and scan for specific words and phrases, allowing you to easily see any patterns that may emerge. Armed with this knowledge, you can then obtain critical business insights and develop new business tactics that will help keep your customers happy and satisfied.  The combination of call recording and speech analytics lets your customers know you’re really listening…. Read more » 

Use Unforgettable Phone Numbers & TV Advertising To Reach Audiences

The day after Super Bowl LI, many people were talking. There was certainly discussion about the unprecedented game, with the New England Patriots making sports history by coming back from a 25 point deficit in the second half to win in OT against the Atlanta Falcons. Those who had decided to go to bed early were more than likely kicking themselves the next morning.

But there was something else people were talking about the next day (other than Brady’s missing game shirt); something that’s discussed after every Super Bowl, no matter the events of the game: The commercials. The commercials aired during the Super Bowl have evolved into an institution almost as well-known as the event, itself. Actually, it may have surpassed it.  Searching for “Super Bowl LI commercials” online can yield over 20 pages of results just in the following day!… Read more »