Smart Advertising Brings Qualified Leads

Smart Advertising Brings Early Education Center More Qualified Leads

We recently spoke with a customer who has been using their vanity 800 number for several months; immediately putting it into their regional advertising campaigns to generate more inbound phone calls, as well as to track and qualify the callers and categorize them by the education program they were calling about.

The educational company is a leading provider of child care and early education with 60 locations and 20 years of experience. They have over 1,200 employees, and serve over 7,000 children each day in multiple cities across Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

Before working with 800response, and using a vanity 800 number with call tracking, the company was using a numeric toll-free phone number in their advertising campaigns and print marketing materials, but they did not have access to any detailed information on their incoming calls. This left a serious gap, as they could not gauge campaign performance, or which delivery medium was most successful in reaching their audience.

The marketing manager contacted an Account Manager at 800response to identify and activate 1-800-NEW-START with online call tracking analytics and caller demographics. The educational company uses the information to monitor advertising and media performance, and validate program interest.

The solution has been wildly successful for the company, as far as qualifying inbound leads, which provides them with the data they need to continue spending on advertising campaigns, knowing they are proving to be successful at generating not only a good quantity of leads, but also the right kinds of leads for the services they offer.

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