800 Numbers Are Easy on the Mind

800 Vanity Numbers Are Easy On the Mind

Did you watch the latest episode of The Amazing Race? If not, here is the scene: the contestants are in race cars as a professional driver is going around the track at high speeds. The contestants must remember a name and a set of numbers. The trick is they are going at a high speed and the numbers are not written in a way that is easy to remember. Some of the contestants were very stressed trying to remember the numbers.

How does that relate to 800 vanity numbers? Unlike the numbers the contestants were trying to remember, vanity numbers are easy to remember – they are easy on the mind. On that scene from The Amazing Race there was one person who kept reversing two of the numbers. That is very difficult to do with vanity numbers. People will remember the number.

How does it work? You decide on a word or set of words that best describes your company. If your company is a dog grooming business, them a word or set of words that relates to dogs and grooming. The trick is to be sure your set of words reminds potential customers and customers about your business.

You also want a word or set of words that are easy to remember. If you build decks, don’t choose a fancy Latin word. Choose words that in our everyday vocabulary. That way people will remember the words.

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