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Quick Facts about Vanity 800 Numbers

Most mainstream business owners use toll free numbers to promote their organizations. The service has matured considerably over years, and today entrepreneurs can enjoy many additional features to boost their business and provide better consumer services.

Here are some quick facts to guide new subscribers about the basics of toll free numbers:

Although toll free numbers can be routed in the same landline connection, these numbers are different from other numbers. These numbers are administered by a central toll free organization in which every toll free subscriber is registered. Another major difference between toll free and other landline numbers is calling charges. A toll free user has to pay for all incoming as well outgoing local calls. However, for long distance calls, normal calling charges would apply…. Read more » 

Why Get Vanity 800 Numbers?

You may have heard about vanity 800 numbers. They are the latest craze in the business and communications world. Companies sell these unique numbers to businesses and corporations daily. But why does everyone want them so badly? There are a number of reasons.

First, vanity 800 numbers help with branding. Branding is the most important aspect of your business.  It is that automatic association that people get when they think of your business, hear an ad, or see your logo. You can increase awareness of your brand by using a vanity 800 number. When people call it, they automatically think of your company. Likewise, t he next time they need a service or product you offer, they are more likely to remember your number. A good example of this that worked for a company in a big way is “1-800-Flowers.” They turned a company which was $10,000 in debt into a multi-million dollar empire by adding an 800 number…. Read more » 

How Toll-Free Numbers Work for Business Owners?

Toll-free numbers are those unique numbers which start with a three digit code (800, 855, 866 or 888) and allow clients or customers to reach organizations without paying call charges. However, subscribers of toll-free numbers have to pay for incoming as well as outgoing calls. So it can be said that toll-free numbers provide a two-way communication method, but unlike landline phones, calling charges are to be paid by the called party.

Every industry relies heavily on toll-free numbers but their use is particularly common among telemarketing or customer care sectors where organizations have to ensure consumers their 24/7 availability. Although the use of these numbers is fairly common, many of you might not know how vanity toll-free numbers work. Here is a quick introduction to the basics of toll-free numbers for new users:… Read more » 

Memorable Ads for 2013: 800 Vanity Numbers Needed

Some of the most memorable ads for 2013, according to, are:

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches. They call this a top ad because it’s simple and centered around a core desire to be more beautiful through recognizing our own true beauty. So, you watch the ad, and realize it speaks to you. But, how can you contact Dove to ask more questions? You have to look up the number because they do not give a phone number in the ad. Yet, if they had an 800 number, 800-DOVE-BEAUTY, people might remember them more and enjoy calling to ask questions…. Read more » 

Smart Advertising Brings Early Education Center More Qualified Leads

We recently spoke with a customer who has been using their vanity 800 number for several months; immediately putting it into their regional advertising campaigns to generate more inbound phone calls, as well as to track and qualify the callers and categorize them by the education program they were calling about.

The educational company is a leading provider of child care and early education with 60 locations and 20 years of experience. They have over 1,200 employees, and serve over 7,000 children each day in multiple cities across Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York…. Read more » 

Finding Available Vanity 800 Numbers

Finding available vanity 800 numbers can be a process of guessing, which could take you too much time, or it can be a methodical process. How do you do this methodically and reduce the time you spend?

If you simply perform a Google search on the phrase “how to find vanity numbers,” you will find about 63,000,000 results. That is a lot to look through. In this search you will see companies that want to charge you just for finding a possible vanity number. You will see articles that state how difficult it is to find a vanity number…. Read more »