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How to Choose The Perfect Vanity Number

Here is a fun infographic as reference when considering how and what the best vanity number will be for your business.

Check out the call tracking details you can obtain on your advertising campaigns, and on your customers, when you use an unforgettable toll-free vanity number in campaigns to reach your audience. And, contact us to speak with an account manager who will help you find the perfect vanity number for your business!… Read more » 

Vanity Telephone Number Facts

Vanity telephone numbers are in the news! Businesses are asking why they should get a vanity telephone number. Is it worth the cost? Yes! Here is why every business should have a vanity telephone number:

Wow, put all three of those statistics together, and it seems that a business that uses an 800 vanity number is preferred by the vast majority of people and has a significantly increased return on investment. Yet, the vast majority of businesses are not taking advantage of using vanity numbers! Why not? We aren’t sure since it’s easy and obviously is beneficial for every business…. Read more » 

Jump At The Great Available Vanity Numbers

Vanity phone numbers are going quickly. The reason? Because there are some that are simply too good to pass up. Companies need to have vanity numbers in order to have a place where customers are able to call in and place orders or ask questions.

Looking For The Right Number 

As it happens, the best thing that you can do in terms of these vanity numbers is to look at the available vanity numbers and select the ones that are easy to remember. has an article talking about these vanity numbers, and they put great emphasis on the memorability of the number,… Read more » 

Vanity Phone Numbers Serve a Great Purpose For Any Business

Vanity toll free numbers help to advertise your brand and business in a way that generates more leads and hence increase sales. It is essential for any type of business to be able to build a good brand reputation, and ensure that their marketing efforts are successful. Vanity phone numbers greatly assist any business to quicken the process of their advertising and marketing success.

Reputation, credibility, and image are the major determining factors to establishing a brand. With a repetition strategy in place, brands can easily realize a positive image for their business. A great way to employ this strategy is through the use of vanity phone numbers. You should aim to place your special vanity number in all radio and TV ads, direct mail, outdoor, and other marketing avenues. The more the exposure of this number to your audience members, the more they will acknowledge and respond to your company and brand. This kind of recognition can go a long way in developing your brand reputation and image…. Read more » 

800 Number Service Gives You a Competitive Edge For Your Customers’ Business

If you’re like most business owners, you spend a great deal of time working on your marketing tactics. You’ve probably worked with a professional SEO expert to design the perfect website with just the right number of informative and sometimes entertaining monthly blog posts. You’ve also probably crafted clever radio ads and television commercials that have placed you in a prominent position in your customers’ minds whenever they need a product or a service you’ve offered.

What you might not have thought of is the fact that the best way to win over your customers, and ensure that they’ll contact your business is with vanity telephone numbers…. Read more » 

What Phone Number Should Your Business Use?

Businesses have the option of choosing between two phone numbers that they want to use for their commercial purposes, one is their local business number, and the other is the special and customizable vanity phone number. While the local business phone number is established for most businesses, the vanity phone number is something special and a lot of businesses do not make use of this number. If these businesses knew how important these numbers were and how they could turn their business around for the better, they would all instantly start using them…. Read more » 

Vanity Numbers Will Win And Hold Your Customers

Vanity numbers are amazing advertising tools because they get potential customers to reach out to you by calling you. And, more and more, businesses are realizing that inbound leads in the form of phone calls are more valuable than online lead forms.

Vanity phone numbers help ensure increased ROI since these numbers are easy to recall and help promote the overall business. When your company is well promoted and your advertisements become more effective with these vanity numbers, your return on investment automatically increases. Estimate the ROI you’ll see when you advertise your business (or your client’s business) with a vanity 800 number…. Read more » 

Why Get Your Business A Vanity Number?

A vanity number is a toll-free phone number, like 1-800-FLOWERS, for example. Most everyone is familiar with the success story of this company, and how they used their call center phone number to brand the business, especially in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Vanity numbers make it so much easier for customers to be able to reach out to you because these numbers are so much easier to recall and commit to memory than a string of 10 random digits, like a typical numeric phone number…. Read more » 

Vanity Numbers Can Help Improve Your Return on Investment

Businesses, especially start-ups, face many hurdles initially, and most of these hurdles are based on low capital. What these businesses need to remember is that resources will always be limited, but the aspect that will help differentiate them from the rest will be how effectively they use those limited resources, particularly inbound lead generation tactics, like advertising.

Vanity numbers are an extremely cost-effective method to boost return on investment and improve your overall advertising strategies. Even though these toll-free numbers have been in use for a long time (since 1967!), very few businesses realize the actual power they have over their success…. Read more » 

Vanity 800 numbers Make Good Sense

If you listen to the news and the Internet, you might think the Internet is the only marketing tool you need. After all, who has a land line anymore? Don’t people just surf the Internet and purchase or conduct business online? Isn’t a webpage enough?

Yes and no. Yes, you need a webpage since the number of people using the Internet to find information is daily increasing. You need a webpage to give key information to potential customers.

And no. Not only do you need a quality webpage, but you need a way for customers to contact you. You could rely on email, or Internet forms. However, those can be slow. That means you need a phone number…. Read more »