Check Credibility of Your Vanity Provider

Check the Credibility of Your Vanity Number Provider

There are some vanity number providers out there that probably make you want to think twice about doing business with them. We won’t name them here, but with a quick search on ‘vanity numbers’ or ‘vanity 800 numbers’ you’ll see what we mean. As a professional vanity 800 number service, we offer so much more. We allow you to combine letters and numbers for one memorable phone number that is easy for your customers, clients and prospects to remember and dial.

When it comes to choosing services to keep your business in operation, and serving your customers, make sure you work with the best. From a telecom provider’s point of view, the network that your business’ call traffic runs through needs to be credible and secure. To that end, we have 24 years of experience in the business, and have established a solid network and reputation within the telecom industry, and with federal and industry organizations that keep the phone lines open (bad pun, we know).

Here is some information about the integrity of our network, and how we handle our customers’ calls and data with the utmost respect and security.

The 800response Network

We are sensitive to the fact that every call is important to our customers and our network architecture has significant redundancy, and is engineered and sized to guarantee that we don’t block calls.  The call traffic we carry on behalf of our customers is not only secure, but the data center that houses our platform is powerful and dependable.

Following are the technical details of the network we have built:

  • Our switch and platform are hosted at a premium Tier 1 data center 22 miles inland of Boston, MA. The data center is served by many of the world’s largest telecommunications and internet service providers, via redundant and diversely routed networks.
  • Connections from DS1 through Optical Carrier (OC) / Gigabit (Gb) levels are readily available.
  • The data center features dual primary power feeds from different substations, dual utility service transformers and switchboards, and six on-site 2,000 KW diesel generators (each is about the size of a large locomotive engine) with 48 hours of temperature-controlled fuel storage. All cabinets are powered by two independent power feeds.
  • Cooling of the data center is provided by a rooftop plant with 1,920 tons of capacity (provided by approximately 120 separate A/C units) which is expandable to 2,400 tons.
  • The facility is protected by a 24×7 guard service, with closed circuit surveillance outside and inside the data center. Every cabinet in the facility is locked and all access to the data center is logged.
  • Data and voice connections are provided via redundant SONET facilities, serving our carrier-grade integrated communications gateway.  The gateway in turn serves an “N+2” redundant integrated voice response (IVR) platform, a redundant internal data network with hot fail-over, and non-blocking access facilities.

Who We Work With

At 800response, we work with small- and medium-sized businesses because we understand many number service providers don’t always deliver the best customer service and attention to these deserving companies.

Fortune 500 companies with unlimited budgets can simply contact 800 number service providers and reserve a vanity number for themselves . Small- and medium-size businesses may not have the enormous budgets to do this. However, they can still take advantage of the power of vanity numbers.

At 800response, we allow businesses to share our vanity numbers. How do we do this? By using shared-use routing technology to direct calls to the right business. For example, if you activate 1-800-NEW-EYES in your geographic area that anyone who calls that number within that territory will reach your business. Across the country, another business can use the same number to reach customers in their area. By sharing the number, it’s possible to match small- and medium-size companies with the perfect vanity numbers for their businesses, and every business can increase their advertising response rates by 25 to 50 percent.

Our Customer Service

At 800response, we think all businesses – including small businesses and medium-size businesses – deserve respect and quality customer service. It’s why we stand by our customers and why we do more to provide you with the answers and attention you deserve.

We offer a free directoy that allows you to look up available 800 vanity numbers at any time. We offer hundreds of numbers for you to look through, meaning you get the number you want. If you ever have a question, we’re only a short click or call away.

Our Selection

We know your 800 number is a serious decision – one that can affect your advertising strategy, your business and more. We want your experience to be as positive as possible, which is why we offer hundreds of vanity numbers.

Our Added Features

We want you to get more value than just an 800 vanity number – even though this can have a significant impact on your bottom line alone. We want you to have even more, which is why we offer call recording and call analytics.

With call recording, you can tape and listen back to customer and client calls. You can determine how effectively your customer service base is dealing with customers and what kind of training would help enhance your bottom line.

With call analytics, you get key information that can help you target your marketing. For example, you can find out more about why customers call, when customers call and where customers call from. This allows you to target those customers most interested in your business, helping you to get the best return on investment for your marketing dollars.

At 800response, we’re completely committed to your success. It’s why we work harder to bring you 800 vanity numbers to help you convert more leads into paying and loyal clients. It’s also why we offer exceptional customer service and added services to help you make the most out of your 800 vanity numbers. Learn more about 800response – contact us today, search our online directory of vanity numbers, and learn more about our call tracking and call recording solutions.