Maximize your Advertising Return on Investment with Available Vanity Numbers

Maximize your Advertising Return on Investment with Available Vanity Numbers

When big corporations and long-established businesses snap up all the available vanity numbers, it is tough for start-up or small businesses to compete. Of course, this adage only holds true until a company steps up to the plate and levels the playing field. 800response is that company and you are now invited to get in line and hit your marketing home run.

  • Increase response rates by a quarter. Advertisers who use our available vanity numbers have documented a 25-percent increase in customer response rates. The average client or customer frequently cannot memorize a random string of numbers that makes up a phone number. Usually, these same individuals do not have a pen and paper or PDA accessible when they run across your ad. With a vanity number, you just increased the likelihood of having your number remembered 14-fold.
  • Get a highly desirable number. How is it possible to get a highly desirable vanity number that another company in a similar niche has not already picked out and taken off the table? The answer is simple: geographic sharing. When you have one number that is shared by multiple businesses in different area codes, you get the undisputed benefit of a highly memorable vanity number without having your territory encroached upon. There is no reason to come up with an odd number mix that tangentially refers to your business. Go for the home run and pick out a highly descriptive short phrase!
  • Make real-time call tracking a priority. Are you spending your advertising budget wisely? Radio spots, cable TV ads and print advertisements are not cheap. Know the medium that reaches prospective customers the best and capitalize on your knowledge. When you get a vanity number from 800response, you also get access to real-time online call tracking. Pinpoint advertising effectiveness and then maximize the value of your marketing efforts. Learn about geographic locations of callers, capture caller names and addresses and even track the success rate of various promotional campaigns.

800response is your one-stop-shop for highly desirable available vanity numbers. Contact us today to get your number, and get ready to maximize your advertising return on investment.



  • Rahim | June 30, 2013 (10:06 pm)

    Can you help me acquire a 800 Vanity number currently being held by PrimeTel ?

    Contact me at: [email protected]

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