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The Powerful Effects of Radio Advertising

Despite the fast-paced quality of these modern times, people are finding more time in their day to listen to the radio than ever before.  A Nielsen study shows that 93% of adults listen to AM/FM radio on a weekly basis, a higher number than adults who watch television [1].  The unique characteristics of radio compared to other advertising mediums give it distinct advantages when it comes to marketing strategies.  Advantages such as:

Superior Reach

Radio’s reach capabilities are a huge benefit, mainly due to its flexibility.  Unlike watching television, where people have to be in a specific place at a specific time to see the commercial, radio is able to reach people virtually wherever they are, at whatever time.  Whether they’re listening in the car, at work, in the gym, or at home, people can be affected by radio and its advertising, especially when it comes to making purchasing decisions.  For instance, outside the home and in the car are two significant locations where people are listening to the radio, meaning they are in prime positions to purchase something when they hear an ad.  Someone might be driving home from work, wondering what to have for dinner, when they hear an ad for a local pizza place.  Someone else might be out shopping for an anniversary gift, when they hear a radio ad for a jewelry store.  And since many radio stations provide listener statistics with demographic breakdowns, advertisers can schedule their spots to appeal to the right demographics at specific times with precision and effectiveness…. Read more » 

3 Ways Anyone Can Effectively Use Radio Advertising

Radio’s audience is bigger than ever before, with 9 times more people listening to traditional radio than satellite radio.  And with over 15,000 (and growing) full-power stations in the United States alone, it just makes sense for businesses to utilize radio as a prime advertising platform.  One business that recently took advantage of this opportunity was Home Depot.  At the start of the summer retail season, Home Depot launched a massive radio campaign.  The results?  Their latest financial report showed a revenue increase of 6% (compared to 4.3% of other home improvement stores) and the stores themselves outdid their own predicted sales by 4 to 5.5%…. Read more » 

Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget with Radio Advertising!

With ad-free and digital radio becoming more and more popular, it may appear as though people are turning their backs (and ears) on traditional radio, which could impact how advertising plan their campaigns.

But according to a recent Nielsen study, an incredible 93% of adults in the United States still listen to traditional radio during the week, making it a prime marketing venue. And when compared to other traditional media, radio advertising costs less, takes less time to produce, and can be modified more easily, all of which makes it perfect for local companies that may be working with  more limited funds…. Read more »