844 Toll-Free Numbers

844 Toll-free Phone Numbers to Be Released December 2013

Approximately 7 million toll-free 800 numbers were introduced in 1967 as a convenient way for businesses to pay the tolls for customers who contacted them. Thirty years after being introduced, there were almost 13 million working toll-free numbers. As toll-free service became increasingly popular, toll-free subscribers began finding new and innovative uses for the service, such as transposing the digits into letters on the phone keypad and spelling out words to create vanity 800 numbers for use as response
and branding tools in their advertising materials.

Today, we now have five toll-free prefixes in order to accommodate the demand of toll-free numbers in the United States alone. Soon to come is the 844 toll-free prefix, which is set to be released by the SMS/800 on December 7, 2013.  This means the market will be plump with millions of newly available toll-free phone numbers.

Why is this good?  Because, we have depleted the resource of currently available toll-free numbers, and now advertising companies and marketers will have a new resource – 844 numbers that they can use in the advertising campaigns, DirectTV commercials, informercials, out of home (OOH) advertising, and more.

To learn more about the release of the 844 toll-free prefix, and available toll-free phone numbers, contact us today.



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