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3 Benefits of Call Recording To Track Customer Experience

Benefits of Call Recording

Call recording has become practically a staple in contact centers all over the country.  It’s virtually impossible nowadays to call a business and NOT hear the words, “This call may be recorded for quality purposes”.  If you have and are using call recording in your contact center, that’s great!  But are you taking advantage of all the means by which it can help you and your company?

Here are just a few ways in which call recording can give your company a real boost:

Discover What Customers Really Want

Being able to provide customers with what they ask for is terrific.  But wouldn’t it be great if you could give customers what they want without them having to ask for it?  The conversations that occur between agents and customers contain a wealth of information, and much of it may not be immediately obvious. This isn’t to say your agents need to develop mind reading powers; they don’t have to, as long as you use call recording.   Call recording can help you listen to calls and detect any common customer questions or complaints that occur.  And if you simply do not have the time to listen to multitudes of calls, adding a call mining tool such as speech analytics can be a tremendous advantage.  Speech analytics can quickly comb through thousands of calls and scan for specific words and phrases, allowing you to easily see any patterns that may emerge. Armed with this knowledge, you can then obtain critical business insights and develop new business tactics that will help keep your customers happy and satisfied.  The combination of call recording and speech analytics lets your customers know you’re really listening.

Help Resolve Disputes

For the most part, problems brought to the contact center are easily resolved.  Customers may call in angry because something they ordered has not arrived yet, or an item has seemingly stopped working after only a week.  But well-trained agents know just how to handle these circumstances so the customer will be satisfied and happy with the results.  However, there are times when things may not be resolved so quickly or easily.  For instance, a customer may insist an agent told them an item would arrive by a certain day, while the agent may contend with this statement.  It can get especially ugly if the customer decides to take it a step further and bring legal action for what they feel is a breach of a verbal contract.  But in a case where it’s one person’s word against another, how can you be sure who is telling the truth?  With call recording, you can simply listen to the conversation in question to get the facts on what really happened, thus allowing you to take the appropriate next steps.  Not only can this help prevent unnecessary litigious expenses, but can help preserve the company’s reputation.  By knowing exactly what was said and by whom, you can protect both yourself and your business.

Improve Agent Training With Call Recording

Even when call recording can help settle arguments and (hopefully) keep them from escalating further, listening to the conversations may still help you discover ways in which agents can improve when it comes to their interactions with customers.  From agents who find themselves getting easily agitated when dealing with irate callers, to agents who are frustrated at not being able to close a sale no matter what they try, it’s important for supervisors to know how calls are handled.  However, most supervisors simply do not have the time or manpower to listen to all conversations in their contact centers as they occur.  And even if they did, most agents would not appreciate being hovered over all the time.  But with call recording, you can take the time to listen to your agents’ conversations and deduce what methods they are using that may or may not be working, and work with the agents to devise more effective strategies. You can even use speech analytics to easily detect common errors agents may be making.  Call recording allows you to effectively monitor your agents’ progress, and help guarantee their success.

Call recording may be standard in today’s contact centers, but the rewards it can provide to a company are anything but ordinary.  And the addition of speech analytics will only enhance these boons. Use these powerful tools to help empower your agents, and provide your customers with a consistently excellent experience.