Improve Your Business with Speech Analytics Software

Improve Business with Speech Analytics

We all know that an unforgettable vanity 800 number is a great call-to-action for businesses to attain more quality incoming leads.  But once those calls start coming in, then what? The phone ringing is always a welcome sound, but it’s just the first step. What businesses must focus on next is making sure those calls lead to a satisfying conclusion – for both themselves and the caller.

However, businesses may find themselves struggling to get the results they want from their incoming phone leads. Whether it’s difficulty closing a sale, or even just convincing a prospective customer to come on site, it can be extremely frustrating to hang up the phone and not be able to figure out what went wrong.  And even with call recording allowing businesses to listen to the conversations to glean information, it can be a very time-consuming (and not always accurate) process.

Fortunately, modern technology including speech analytics software makes solving these mysteries a whole lot simpler.  This call mining tool takes call recording further by quickly scanning calls to extract vital information which can help guarantee each phone conversation yields the desired outcomes; information such as:

Know What to Say (and What Not to Say)

Phone conversations that more often than not fail to end in new business can be frustrating, especially when it seems like the conversation had been going well. The company rep was polite and informative, the potential customer was engaged and receptive, but then the call ended with a polite decline. What happened?  By using speech analytics to scan past calls, businesses can easily identify and detect words and phrases used that may be detrimental to a potential sale. Or, conversely, what is being said that is conducive to bringing in more customers (and more profits).  Even just the timing of certain phrases in a conversation can determine the end results. The answers may be surprising, but knowing this information can play a vital role in helping businesses steer their conversations to the right destinations each time.

Have a Better Understanding of What Customers Want

Businesses may be listening when prospective customers call, but they may not really be hearing what is being said.  The Voice of the Customer is imperative to a company’s success, but it is not always clear. Frequently, companies have to read between the lines to gain a better understanding of their customers. Speech analytics can help make things more transparent by finding common trends and patterns in conversations that provide a clearer understanding of customers’ needs and expectations when it comes to giving a company their business.  Armed with this knowledge, businesses can then make informed strategic business decisions to create improved processes that are aligned with customer satisfaction. Providing an excellent customer experience is so important these days, and speech analytics allows businesses to do just that.

800response Can Help You Integrate Speech Analytics Today

Implementing speech analytics can help ensure each incoming phone call goes right. And with today’s affordability, speech analytics’ benefits can be enjoyed by any size business. It’s a vital tool that should not be passed up.