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Advertising Strategies To Reach Spending Power of Generation X

As advertisers strive to discern the best advertising strategies to appeal to the generations of Millennials and Baby Boomers, they tend to forget about another generation: Generation X.  Born between 1965 and 1980, this generation should be a key target for advertisers.

Research shows Generation Xers have more spending power over other generations, and are responsible for 31% of consumer spending. They have also the highest median income when compared to Boomers and Millennials, with 96% reporting an average of $1,341 disposable income after bills and other necessities are paid…. Read more » 

Television Advertising Stands The Test of Time & Will Generate Leads

Like a street preacher warning others about the end of the world, marketers have been heralding the end times for television advertising for a while now, deeming it to be expensive and not targetable or measurable enough.  Not to mention the advancement of the internet age, which has seemingly pushed television to the background.  Just the mere knowledge that 1.1 million people cancelled their cable subscriptions in 2015 alone could be quite disheartening.  In fact, Saturday Night Live is planning to cut 30% of its TV ads and replace them with content produced by the show’s cast…. Read more » 

Americans Are Fed Up with Bad Advertising!

A recent InsightsOne Study shows how we are tired of seeing, hearing, being presented with irrelevant ads, and we are taking action; #unsubscribe!

“The American people are tired of companies that appear to not respect or understand their needs,” said Waqar Hasan, CEO of InsightsOne. “The results of the study show that consumers have a real limit on what they’re willing to put up with, and this very real problem will have a negative impact on a company’s income statement if they don’t do something about it.”… Read more » 

Heavy Media Users Still Spread Their Interests

According to results from an Edison Research and Arbitron study. heavy usage of one of the top 3 media (by reach) does not necessarily mean that less (than average) time is spent with the other media. Heavy internet users (4+ hours per day) report spending more than 7 hours per day on the internet, but the amount of time they spend watching TV (3:35 vs. 3:33) and listening to the radio (2:07 vs. 2:04) is on par with the general population…. Read more »