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Don’t Be an April Fool — 13 Tips for Using Your Call Tracking Data

Don’t Be an April Fool — 13 Tips for Using Your Call Tracking Data

For a long while, offline and online marketing analytics were two separate things. Online, print and television were spaced out, and you had separate strategies and processes for each. Thanks to modern data and analytics tools, however, this is no longer necessary. You can blend all the marketing niches to make your data work for you, as opposed to against you.

Leveraging your marketing data has never been more important, as customers demand always-on, omni-channel experiences that span multiple platforms and channels. A customer reaching out to your business might do so via phone, email and even text. The trick is not just tracking all those conversations, but merging the data so it contributes to the larger picture…. Read more » 

Why a Vanity 800 Number is Right for Any Business

In order for a business to become successful, the goal is simple: make more sales.  And in order to make more sales, you need consumers to find and reach out to you.  How do you accomplish this task?  With advertising, of course.  It all seems so straightforward, but actually reaching this goal can prove to be far more difficult, especially with more market competition than ever these days.  You must make sure your advertising is standing out and sticking in people’s minds.

You could try increasing the amount of advertisements you run, turning it into a numbers game to improve your odds.  However, you may discover you do not have the budget (or time) to invest in such a large undertaking.  Not to worry, because the true key to successful advertising for any business is quality, not quantity.  And you can create a quality marketing campaign by using tools proven to increase ad response – tools like an unforgettable vanity 800 phone number…. Read more » 

Why Television Advertising is Still a Must Have

This year, top advertisers recently placed upfront orders for prime-time TV spots on both cable and broadcast networks totally 19.7 billion dollars – a 5.9% increase over last year’s spend [1].  Surprised?  You might be if you have been hearing the seemingly endless message that TV advertising is being pushed aside for digital, as the platforms through which people can consume media continue to increase.  But successful advertisers continue to recognize the benefits of utilizing TV in their marketing strategies.  Benefits such as:… Read more » 

800response Expands Sales and Client Engagement Teams by 3!

We are happy to share that 800response (, a leading provider of toll-free vanity phone numbers and real-time call tracking analytics, announces three new hires to the company’s inside sales and client engagement teams. Dawn Tremmel joins the company as a Client Engagement Specialist, and the business-to-business sales team adds two Account Managers, Pitt Petri and Dennis Michel.

“We are very excited to have Dawn, Dennis, and Pitt joining our team.  Their backgrounds in customer relations and sales experience bring a level of professionalism and quality that is synonymous with the 800response brand,” says Laura Noonan, Senior Vice President of Sales…. Read more » 

Call Tracking Best Practices: Do’s and Don’ts

If you market your business online, in print advertisements, on television, on the radio or a combination and your marketing efforts generate a lot of leads, you should be using a call tracking service. When you use call tracking services provided by 800response, you have the opportunity to narrow the gap between your marketing campaigns and the leads they produce. This will enable you to determine the actual return you’re getting on your marketing tactics by revealing where your offline conversions are coming from…. Read more » 

Improve Your 2018 Marketing Strategy with Call Tracking and Call Monitoring

As more and more interactions are occurring online these days, it’s easy to forget about other forms of communication, such as a phone conversation.  This can be especially true for businesses, who may feel as though connecting with people via the phone is obsolete.  But the truth is that the phone call is still relevant, perhaps even more so today than ever before.  Each call that comes in to your business contains a wealth of data that can have a tremendous impact on its success.  You just need to be able to access it with the right technology…. Read more » 

5 Ways Call Monitoring Improves Your Operations

In today’s competitive business climate, it’s critical that you do everything you can to help your company succeed. If your business has a call center, you should implement a phone call monitoring system. Customer service call monitoring can help you improve your operations in meaningful ways, such as creating new sales opportunities.  Doing this can help your business experience a higher level of success in both the short and long term.

While your call center agents may see the installation of a call monitoring system as potentially intrusive, the truth is that a call monitoring system can benefit them as much as it can improve your company’s overall operations. If you explain this to your employees as they’re learning how to use call monitoring, it will help prevent them from resisting the system’s installation, as well as the changes that the installation may lead to down the line…. Read more » 

Tips for Successful Ad Campaigns in 2018 (and Beyond)

A new year sees many people seeing what changes and improvements they can make in their lives.  The same can be said for businesses, as they look to their past and current methods to see if they are fruitful, or if some alterations are needed.  And these decisions are especially important in the marketing department and its responsibility in creating the most effective advertising strategies to entice and draw in potential customers.  If your business is wondering which ad methods will best serve you in the coming year and beyond, here are some suggestions:… Read more » 

Follow 10 Rules of Offline Marketing for Success

Marketing and advertising your business, brand or organization is essential. Without basic information, potential customers won’t have the information they need to make the all-important purchasing decision. But what turns an offline marketing campaign from drab to fab?

Offline marketing has a big competitor – the online world – but that doesn’t mean its had its day. But offline marketing campaigns need to work just as hard and to ensure success, the informative infographic from Colour Graphics has it all. Do you know the optimum number of words to use? How do you know which colors are attractive to your customers or have you ever wondered how the font makes a difference to people’s purchasing decision?… Read more »