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Do Print Ads Still Work?

If you’re here because you’re wondering if print ads still work, the short answer is yes. Still, we get this question all the time from potential customers. But before we get into why print ads still work, and can be extremely effective for 800 vanity numbers, let’s start with a little history.

In October 1999, A & E first aired the TV show, “Biography of the Millennium: 100 People – 1000 Years,” which counted down 100 of the most influential people of the last millennium. As the countdown drew to a close, many viewers expected that the number one spot would be held by someone like George Washington, Jesus Christ, or Martin Luther King, Jr. But the person who was voted as making the greatest contribution to society in the last 1,000 years was Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press…. Read more » 

Marketing Strategies for the Solo Startup

If you’re just starting out as a solopreneur, you’re in for a ride that may lead to financial freedom and plenty of flexibility. To be successful as a solopreneur, it’s vital for you to market yourself effectively. In today’s connected society, that usually means promoting yourself online on multiple channels and using some traditional marketing platforms.

While you may know marketing is crucial to your success, you may not be familiar with marketing strategies for the solo startup, and that’s okay. You can still engage in some solo startup marketing on- and offline without being a marketing expert.Read more » 

Habits That Will Make You a More Effective Salesperson

What’s the difference between good, average and excellent salespeople? While you may think it’s the numbers they post month after month, it’s not. Work habits are what separate the great salespeople from the average.  Practicing good habits day in and out create efficient, effective second nature actions.

Even great salespeople know there’s always something more they can do to improve their performance. In general, that often involves adopting a new habit or two that will help them become more effective in sales…. Read more » 

Creating Radio Advertising That Truly Stands Out

There has been a great deal of recent news reports of online advertising coming under a barrage of scrutiny, particularly with online media giant Facebook facing accusations of digital advertising fraud.  Studies show that nearly 60% of online advertising budgets fall victim to online fraud, including bots, minimal visibility, and “intentional misrepresentation”.

Radio advertising clearly has something going for it.  Here are some tips on how any business can make radio marketing both effective and lucrative…. Read more » 

The Staying Power of Traditional Advertising Today

It might seem sometimes as though people would just rather do away with advertising altogether, especially with people today being able to skip commercials during TV shows and install ad-blockers on their computers.  However, studies show people do not view all advertising mediums the same way.  When it comes to overall intrusiveness, people tend to have a far less favorable view of online advertising, with 73% claiming they found it irritating (the highest percentage of those who felt the same way about traditional advertising was just 36%).  Also, due to the lack of regulation in online advertising, people also find traditional advertising to be more trustworthy.  According to a recent survey, 61% said they trust TV ads, 58% trust print, 45% trust radio, and 42% trust out of home advertising.  But when it comes to online and social media ads, the trust levels were only at 41% and 38%, respectively.  It’s clear that when it comes to reception, traditional advertising wins out…. Read more » 

Out of Home Advertising Continues to Make Its Mark

The critically acclaimed and Academy Award nominated film 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri has put a bigger spotlight on outdoor advertising than has been seen in quite some time.  But while Out of Home (OOH) ads may not always get a lot of recognition, smart business owners know how crucial they are to their marketing strategies.  2017 saw the 7th consecutive year of growth for OOH advertising, and that trajectory is not expected to slow down.  Experts predict OOH will increase at a 4.6% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate), reaching upwards of $45.4 billion by 2019.  Here are some of the secrets behind OOH advertising’s continued success…. Read more » 

Television Advertising Looking Good for 2018

As more and more companies are deciding how best to spend their advertising budgets, television advertising continues to be a marketing mainstay.  In fact, traditional TV advertising is expected to grow 7.8% to nearly $20 billion, according to a report from BIA/Kelsey. Even prominent businesses such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon are getting in on this perpetually growing trend, increasing their TV ad spend by hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter.

What is it about television advertising that consistently makes even the most modern businesses realize its worth?  Simply put, television advertising boasts assets that proves its value over and over again…. Read more » 

Don’t Be an April Fool — 13 Tips for Using Your Call Tracking Data

Don’t Be an April Fool — 13 Tips for Using Your Call Tracking Data

For a long while, offline and online marketing analytics were two separate things. Online, print and television were spaced out, and you had separate strategies and processes for each. Thanks to modern data and analytics tools, however, this is no longer necessary. You can blend all the marketing niches to make your data work for you, as opposed to against you.

Leveraging your marketing data has never been more important, as customers demand always-on, omni-channel experiences that span multiple platforms and channels. A customer reaching out to your business might do so via phone, email and even text. The trick is not just tracking all those conversations, but merging the data so it contributes to the larger picture…. Read more » 

Why a Vanity 800 Number is Right for Any Business

In order for a business to become successful, the goal is simple: make more sales.  And in order to make more sales, you need consumers to find and reach out to you.  How do you accomplish this task?  With advertising, of course.  It all seems so straightforward, but actually reaching this goal can prove to be far more difficult, especially with more market competition than ever these days.  You must make sure your advertising is standing out and sticking in people’s minds.

You could try increasing the amount of advertisements you run, turning it into a numbers game to improve your odds.  However, you may discover you do not have the budget (or time) to invest in such a large undertaking.  Not to worry, because the true key to successful advertising for any business is quality, not quantity.  And you can create a quality marketing campaign by using tools proven to increase ad response – tools like an unforgettable vanity 800 phone number…. Read more » 

Why Television Advertising is Still a Must Have

This year, top advertisers recently placed upfront orders for prime-time TV spots on both cable and broadcast networks totally 19.7 billion dollars – a 5.9% increase over last year’s spend [1].  Surprised?  You might be if you have been hearing the seemingly endless message that TV advertising is being pushed aside for digital, as the platforms through which people can consume media continue to increase.  But successful advertisers continue to recognize the benefits of utilizing TV in their marketing strategies.  Benefits such as:… Read more »